Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Corn Chaff Days

I like going home to my small town days in Hector - Corn Chaff Days.
This July I convinced Mark to join me.
 At the parade....
 ...where they throw enough candy to rival the Halloween loot.
 Charlie Melberg in one of the 6 restored tractors he brought to the parade. I understand there are more than 6 in his sheds.
 It started to rain at the parade, but we found shelter under the giant tree's in Michelle and Chad's yard. My cousin Matt and his kids are in the vehicle above. Shylah Melberg his snapping the photo of her hubby. In the long history of Hector Days, NO ONE can remember it EVER raining.
After the parade,  we headed to the park for Lionesse fry bread, Lion's pork sandwiches, and First Lutheran Church Pie, along with time to visit, mix and mingle. Then someone had to get the 6 restored tractors back to Melberg Farms. My city hubby Mark made two trips and drove two home. First a red one.
Then a green one.
Melberg's prefer green.
Green suits us better!
I love Hector Days. The reason I love it is the connection to family, and a connection to the place that represents my family, life, history and even the future.

  • I love Hector Days because I love spending time with my cousins, aunts and uncles, as well as running into old neighbors, friends and classmates
  • I love catching up and I love hanging out. 
  • I love my kids catching candy at the same parade I caught candy. 
  • I love Marly and Dean running around outside with Sutton, Saxton, and Sawyer (Better known as "The 3 S's" at our house). I love Marly and Dean playing with farm cats. 
  • I love my cousin Mariah babysitting the whole lot so Matt, Shylah, Mark and I can go into the band in town. I love hanging out and talking into the wee hours of the night and laughing and laughing at Michelle and Chads.

Family is good. Home is good.
We don't need to make it to Corn Chaff days every year, but it remains and easy excuse to just "be" with family.

Thank you Matt & Shylah for hosting us.
Thank you Mariah for babysitting.
Thank you Michelle and Chad for chauffeuring us and outfitting us in your yard for the parade!

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