Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer 2013

Between our Family Vacation to Lutsen, Gretchen and my Ya-Ya summer trip to Breezy Point this July with the kids, and time back home by Hector, the Thomberg's are also AROUND TOWN!

Care for the kids this summer has been a hodge podge piece meal for sure. The kids attended YMCA camp with Lily the Neighbor girl T, W, Th, and spent time with Papa on Friday.
After work, Marly was signed up for Soccer with the Champlin-Dayton Athletic Association. Marly is the little one in the middle. She liked it well enough.
 Dean wrapped up Little League Baseball in June, continues with karate, and became Marly's team "Spirit" #1 Fan. Dean is the ONLY fan who kept score....
 There are flowers to tend and weeds to pull...
 ...and a lawn Mark LOVES to mow!
 We headed to DQ on August 8th....
 ...for Miracle Treat Day and Blizzards.

Because this was once a fundraising baby of mine, but ALWAYS a cause dear to my heart.

In the mean time, the kids wrapped up Y Camp in July. Marly actually HATED it. Lily the Neighbor disliked it. Dean didn't care. For these last few weeks before school, Lily the Neighbor's mom and I have coordinated a little of this, a little of that, and we are making a  GO OF IT!

Hope you have all had a good summer - in town, out of town, WHATEVER!

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