Tuesday, July 23, 2013

There's a New Kid On The Block!

He's HERE! Baby Peter David Melberg came around sun up on Monday, July 8th. That's only a few days over due, RIGHT Rachel???

Brett and Rachel's new guy was somewhere over 8 pounds. I have no idea how long he was. I don't get into those stats and figures. I go with "plenty big and in general - healthy all around!"
Marly and I went to visit this precious package on Monday after work. The whole family was there - Papa David & Nana Chris, Grandpa Lester & Grandma Edith, Tanti Sarah, and Brother Charlie. Above is Marly with Peter's Grandma Edith!
Big cousin Marly took her turn holding the baby. Dean was at karate while we visited. Boy was he MAD when we got home and he realized he missed a visit to the NEW KID!
 Charlie was REALLY excited to be a BIG brother. Can you tell!!!???
 Ahhh! That's more like it!

The Twinner's Graco Duo Glide double stroller may get put back into action. It got a hose and scrub down, and we dropped it off on Sunday for the parents of "two under two" when we returned from Hector Days. I took the opportunity to hold (hog) the little bugger pretty much the entire time we were there. I got to feed him too. I honestly felt pretty rusty with the whole bottle/burp deal, but it quickly came back to me....

...I guess 6 years of time span will do that to a mama.


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