Sunday, January 6, 2013

Madeline's Christmas

Not two weeks before Christmas, Mark said, "Hey... I still want to take the kids' to some sort of play or show for the Holiday.

I went on line to the Stages Theater in Hopkins.
CHECK - There were tickets still available to 'Madeline's Christmas' the Saturday before the holiday.
AND - I had a Happenings Coupon for buy one get one free - SCORE.

I dialed up the ticket line and we were set.

The week before, I went to Half Price Books and picked up every paperback 'Madeline' book title on the shelf. I wanted Marly and Dean to be familiar with the "twelve little girls in a line" before we went.

Saturday arrived, we headed to Hopkins, had dinner at the bar and grill across the street, and enjoyed our first ever holiday theater production as a family. It was an outstanding way to kick off all or our holiday fun and family activities in the week to follow.
After the show, we got to meet all the actors in the lobby, and the girls signed the kid's playbill.

Dean's first comment as he approached the 12 little girl actresses, in matching attire and stage make up - "Dad...that's CREEPY!"

Then he started to get into it, and by the time he got to girl 4 or 5, he was grinning and flirting a bit.

NEVER MIND Dean's closed eyes.... I don't have a better photo.

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