Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas at HOME!

Christmas morning everyone slept late, snug in our own beds at home. Dean was the first to get up sometime after 8:30. He went to the tree and immediately noticed new gifts were underneath. Then he become VERY upset, you see he noticed two packages he believed to be fishing poles. The Twinners had been requesting fishing poles from Santa since the first time they were presented the question many weeks back. And now, here they were, and he was ANGRY. He kept saying he didn't want TWO fishing poles.

"TWO?" I questioned?

"YES, I don't want two!"

"What if one is for your sister?" I said.

"She won't want two either!"

"But I thought you each wanted a pole? and you think there are two under the tree" now thoroughly confused!

"Well I don't want TWO! I know that is a fishing pole. Why would you get me one if Santa is going to bring it?"

Somehow -
...after seeing Santa the night before,
...after assuring him I would put the the reindeer food on the patio and a cookie out for Santa when we arrived home after 11 pm,
...and URGING him to GO TO BED IMMEDIATELY so Santa could visit...


somehow the boy DIDN'T QUITE understand Santa had COME!

When he FINALLY put two and two together, there was a squeal of delight.
Dean waited patiently for his sister to wake up.  In the mean time, I popped 4 Advil, put the french toast bake in the oven, and hopped in the shower. I had woke up dripping in sweat, perhaps breaking my high fever for a bit. I have no idea when my throat has been that sore and painful.
Then the action happened.
Favorite gifts (besides the fishing poles) included a jacket for Emma the dolly for Marly and a remote control car for Dean.
Don't I look like death warmed over below.

Marly took the photo of us unwrapping the red, clay bowls the kids made for us in Kindergarten. Mine is in my office at work now, and I love it.
We spent the day playing with new toys and games (plus a solid nap for me) before leaving our wrapping paper and present bombed living room for a matinee at the theater. We returned home for a fire and snuggled up to watch Home Alone.

 It was a lovely day with just the four of us.

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