Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas with the Melberg's

Photos of our evening at Brett and Rachel's celebrating Christmas with my family on Sunday the eve of Christmas Eve appear to be limited to gift opening!

For the sake of prosterity, I will post anyway for historical purposes!
 No photos are available of me, Mark, Brett, Chris, or Chris's son Alex.
No photos are availble of the special ordered, thick cut, porterhoue steaks Brett grilled, or the delicious creme brulee Rachel made for dessert.

 No photos are available of the kids out on the lake or sledding down the hill by the house Monday morning of Christmas Eve, after the Twinner's and I spent the night.
The ONLY photos taken are of the kids, the wrapping paper, and their gifts, which included among other things, a multitude of Angry Birds and Hello Kitty items.

Not pictured - any adult with a gift.

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