Tuesday, January 22, 2013

And we're off...

Yesterday morning Mark and the Twinners went to the Apple store in the mall and purchased an Ipad we have been saving gift cards for since Christmas LAST year. It will be in our carry on tomorrow.
The kids signed their passports last night in their kindergarten handwriting.
The auto office reply is on Mark and my work e mail accounts.
Three suitcases are packed and zipped, and will be checked lugguge.
There are two life jackets inside and shovels for the beach.
I opted NOT to count how many pairs of sandals I brought.
The kids each have three pairs of sandals.
I didn't pay attention to how many Mark packed....
We have been to the bank for $1 and $5 bills for tips.
We have swimsuits, shorts and the appropriate attire to dine out at any restaurant at ourresort.
We have my Dad lined up to shuttle the four of us to MSP at 6:45 AM this morning.
The kids will take their first plane ride ever.

Don't expect to see an update here for a week or so. On what is most likely the COLDEST day of the year here, we are fleaing Minnesota for an all inclusive, family friendly resort (with a Kids Club) in Mexico!

Last spring Mark declared we should each get to pick something very special to honor our 40th birthday. Mark turns 40 in April, and he knew EXACTLY what his pick would be. It is also our 10th wedding annivesary this April.

So way back in May (or something like that) I contacted a travel agent I know from the MetroNorth Chamber events I attend, then Mark took over the details. We booked this long awaited vacation some time last summer... and the day has arrived.

And now, it is the coldest week in Minnesota, and we are gone and VERY EXCITED!
See ya later ya'all!

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