Sunday, December 9, 2012


It's finally official. Winter is here!

Before we could go to church this morning, Mark had to blow out the drive way. It was a small crowd at Peace, due to the snow, ice, and slick roads.

After, we headed to our favorite post-worship bi-weekly hang out.

The 'Cost-CA-nites' (as Mark likes to refer to them/us) were not deterred by the weather though. Despite the many cars in the ditch along Highway 10, COSTCO was only a little less busy than usual this Sunday!

Back at home the kids did the classic winter bundle (dressed mostly in Land's End armor), before heading out into the thick blanket of still falling white-ness.
Damn good thing we has also stopped at the Land's End inside Sear's this morning (right next to Costco) to picked Dean up a pair of waterproof gloves like his sister's, which were sold out on line when I purchased her snow pants and coat.
 Everyone in the family made a snow angel except mom. I don't have snow pants actually.
 The Twinners and I headed down to the river for a glorious look at the radical turn of season.
Eventually the  kids came in for hot cocoa and watched Rudolf and Frosty. We made a batch of "snow ice cream" in a one gallon zip lock bag. Then we made a second batch, since the first batch was too salty to eat (even though I followed the directions).

Our outdoor decor being Christened for Christmas!
AT LEAST a foot of snow has fallen across Minnesota. Later this afternoon, Mark blew the snow out for a second time.... until he ran out of gas, and had to run to the station for more! He is now properly positioned for round three, if there is one.

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