Thursday, December 6, 2012

A little of this, A little of that

I am busy, like EVERYONE this holiday season.... so this is just a DUMP of info, from me to you. From me to the history book blog for my children in 20 years.

  • Kindergarten is going well for the kids. The like Mrs. Loveridge and Ms. Stienberg. We like the school and are happy with our choice now and we believe for the 4 years ahead. The kids love the bus and the bus stop.
  • We are in full holiday tilt. I have half my shopping done on line. The house is decorated, the outdoor lights have been up for ages, and the pots and front door are decked,  and we love it. We always do.
  • We were the first host house for our Neighborhood Progressive Happy Hour last Friday. It was a blast. It always is. We served 'Poinsetta' champagne/vodka/cranberry cocktails in champagne flutes, lovely appetizers like prosciutto wrapped pears , crackers with brie and fig spread, olives, cheeses, nuts, something sweet, etc.
  • Marly is taking dance and Dean is enrolled in Karate.
  • I am serving on church council, and was elected last February.
  • Mark earned/won a trip to the 'Bou Costa Rica coffee bean fields and will travel in January.
  • We hope to get to Hollidazzle Parade and maybe a holiday theater production.
  • I plan to take the kids to visit Santa at a local store next Saturday, whose owner I know for work.
  • Dean will be wearing a polar bear sweater for the holiday's he found at GAP. Marly has a blue dress with a few sparkles from Land's End.
  • The kids have Sunday School Program practice the next two Saturday mornings.
  • I am hoping for some snow.
  • Christopher the Elf arrived Monday morning. So far he has moved to a new hiding place before the kdis get up each day. Yesterday the kids discovered he had eaten a marshmallow and had some hot cocoa the night before and DIDN'T place his tiny porcelain tea cup and plate in the sink!
  • I pulled the plug on the Christmas Card edits and placed the order at 11:11 pm last night. Just this momement I have discovered I spelled 'Kindergarten' wrong on the card.
  • I need to put up a post on the Pizza Party.
  • I need to put up a post of photos of our holiday decor.
  • I need to write and add photos to an "Chistopher the Elf on Shelf" post, because the whole thing is fun for the kids and fun for mom and dad too.
  • I would like to get back to the Guthrie for the Christmas Carol this year.
That's all for now.

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