Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holidazzle 2012

Just hours before the snowfall that resulted in more than a foot of snow began to fall (last week), the Thomberg's took in Holidazzle downtown. Pretty damn good timing don't you think?

This is the third time we have taken the kid's to Holidazzle. It turns out we are every-other-year kind of folks. I must say, this year we had a grand time.

Day of, I tried to make dinner reservations at a few of the prime spots. Duh! - this was a no go. Since I don't plan in well in advance, we opted to be downtown by 4:30, had our name on our list at popular restaurant at 4:45, and were seated before 5:30. It timed out beautifully indeed.

As parent's of five year olds, we can now have fun as adults, as they take it all in as a child. Our pre-parade meal was at the The Local Irish Pub on Nicollett. Our dining experience included pub fare, hot chocolate for the kids, and 'Big Gingers' wiskey cocktails for mom and dad. The Twinners enjoyed our high top table near the door, and all the activity that go along with the downtown bar scene (which happens to include TONS of kids during Holidazzle). Mom and Dad enjoyed all the activities that go along with the bar scene too.

At 6 pm, Marly and I placed our wool blanket on a prime piece of curb-side real estate.

Before dinner, I 'Facebooked' our whereabouts and plans. Soon I learned my cousin Taylor was headed in our direction for the parade too.

By Facebook, text and phone, we were able to hook up. What  great addition to the evening. The Thomberg's were cool enough to hang downtown with cute college girls. How lucky are we!

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