Friday, December 21, 2012

Peace Lutheran Sunday School Program 2012

Last Sunday was the kids's Sunday School Program
Before the program, the Twinners did the traditional Christmas tree poses in  front of our white pine, decorated in jeweltone brights this year.
 Dean found his polar bear sweater at Gap. The child's love for this not so gentle giant continues. Marly's dress is from Land's End. She hasn't had a "frilly froo froo" dress since she was a tiny baby. They just don't seem to suit here somehow (VERY unlike me as a child...always worried my bow was fluffed and STRAIGHT, neat and tight). She did let me put a pony tail and polka dotted ribbon in her hair.
 Dean remains two inches taller, like he has since BIRTH.
He is also the first to turn silly in photos. Eventually Malry got into the game. Dean's pose below is Grandma Marlys shining through. Peace everybody (except Dean doesn't know this means "Peace")!
Christoffer the Elf on the Shelf was perched in the tree Sunday keeping watch over the Twinners this time of year for Santa.
 Papa came over around 5 pm for a supper of Costco Chicken Pot Pie before we headed out.
The kids were towards the back row, but we could tell from the big screen they were doing all the actions with confidence and singing too. They practiced two Saturday mornings for two and a 1/2 hours in addition to during their usual SS time slot.
Of course, holiday treats followed the performance in the fellowship hall.

Merry Christmas to all. Last week after their Christmas program practice Saturday, we also visited Santa at a local jewelry store in a Anoka. I know the lovely owner through work and they put on fine holiday open house with Santa and Mrs. Claus every we could check another box off the holiday list.

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