Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thomberg Summer of Fun 2012 - Reunions and running

Two Weeks Ago....A weekend of reunions and more.
"Best Of KSTP Eyewitness News" reunion at Sweeney's in St. Paul. CJ even mentioned it in the Strib. This is me with Maria Awes. At one point in time we worked on the desk together.
Ginther - The man I owed my job to at Channel 5, pictured with Al - The man who was made me great on the desk.

It was quite a night.... with oh so many co workers from the past, on hand from near and far. (Kari Patey from New York, Ginther and Jim Guy from Seattle, and Dean Staley from New Mexico. I STILL can't believe it.)

My Facebook post prior to the event sums it up best for me. Photos of the event are courtesy of friends' Facebook posts.
'At one point in my career, I went to work every day and wrote on a giant dry erase board around 9 am. I spelled poorly in neat handwriting. I ordered people around through out the day. I swore a LOT. I wore a headset for the phone, and checked multiple fax machines about every 15 minutes. I watched 3 TV's simultaniously at 5 pm. I got to send the chopper in the air. I woke (paged) people awake way too often. I got a major adrenaline RUSH whenever newsworthly tragidies occured. I don't do those things anymore, but I still canNOT spell. To all the fellow KSTP TV alumni/friends coming to the reunion/gathering TONIGHT, I can't wait to see you all!'

Saturday lunch in Uptown with Delta Zeta sisters I have not seen in YEARS! Unfortunately, the gathering occurred do to the unexpected death of a fine Delta Zeta sister.
Sunday we went to cheer Kelly as she ran her first 1/2 marathon. WAY TO GO KELLY! Amazing indeed.
Go Kelly! Go!
Sunday afternoon running through the sprinkler.

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