Sunday, August 26, 2012

Charlie's First Birthday Party

Just over a week ago Brett and Rachel hosted Charlie's first birthday with a darling and creative airline theme. It was a great day with a house and yard FULL of FUN guests, including friends dear and family beloved from all sides.
Rachel knew the party would be in, out, and on the lake. Guests were all about, so Charlie got the short end of the stick on any photo of himself with his gracious guests (young and old), or the obligitory kid cousin photo with the cake or a tornado of gifts and wrap we all cherish later.

He had a smash cake, but he doesn't look to into it.
While the kids were kickn' it up on the slip and slide outside, Charlie checked out his gifts inside.
A little dish soap added to the NEED for SPEED!
Go Wilson, Go!
Go Abbie Gierky, Go!
The men on the deck talked about the early sugar beet harvest, and the usual farm stuff like that.
Then there was Dad and Charlie skiing double on the lake.
Look at these grinning goons! Here they are at age 58??? and 61. Good God imagine them in their younger years! (Although my select few readers don't have to imagine.They know...)
Ladies saoking up the August sunshine.
And my FAVORITE photo of the day, representing my favorite piece to the day.

Me with my Mom's best friend Yowdie, and my Aunt Toots (my Mom's Sister).  (I know Toot's doesn't look like she is smiling. She was! I had two other snaps of this shot, and in those, someone has their eye's closed... sorry about that.. )

Anway, I could have sat and chatted with them ALL afternoon, sipping coffee. Somehow, months have slipped by since I last saw Toots, and I rarely see Yowdie, because that is just the way the world works.

(For my few select readers, take off your glasses or squint just a bit and I suppose you can see my Mom in this picture...)

Anyway - The party was a delight. I think every guest (young and young at heart) had a GRAND old time.

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