Friday, September 28, 2012

Playing Hookie!

Last week Dad forwarded an e mail to me from my Aunt Carol. She had three tickets to the Guthrie on Wednesday afternoon she wouldn't be using - hers, my Aunt Jan's, and Joyce Carlson's from Hector. Did my Dad want them?

We took them and put our own butts in two of the trio. I have been very busy at work with Allina's Community Giving campaign, and was excited to snatch a few hours of PTO  to sneak away on a fine fall afternoon.

And what a pleasant day it was. My morning began with an enjoyable Working with Women MetroNorth chamber meeting, I cruised back to the office, shot off a few e mails, and bolted down 94 to meet my Dad at Sea Change for lunch. The sun was shining, the leaves were glowing, the day was gorgeous. My smoked trout salad was delicious with an indulgent glass of white wine early in the day. My Dad and I had plenty of time to split a decadent chocolate dessert before heading up the escalator and into the theater. We enjoyed the spender of fall from the cantilever bridge.

Inside, we discovered Bonnie Hartung (Dad's dear friends from Hector) had the seats directly in front of us.

We enjoyed the play.

Why let such a splendid afternoon come to an end? We walked a few blocks up Washington and hopped into the Caribou my Dad frequents near his office in the Grain Exchange. I ordered the high sugar/high calorie Pumpkin Spice Chai Latte, since it was a "special" day! I met manager Mike, who is a direct report to Mark.

Finally, I headed home. I hope whatever I missed at work, I caught up with later. The beauty of "playing hookie" is you don't have to miss anything with your kids and family or friends, because SHOULD be at work.

Anyway, it was a grand afternoon. I enjoyed the carefree hours spent with just Me and just my Dad! Thanks Aunt Carol and Aunt Jan for the tickets. Sorry we couldn't see it with you!

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