Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Good Bye Summer!

It is with NO SADNESS we I say "GOOD BYE!" to summer.
It was a summer with NO missed opportunities, NO shortage of activity, and NO shortage of fun.

The Thomberg's raced through summer at mock speeds.
We were on super drive.
We didn't miss a chance to hit the water in a park or pool or lake.
We made good use of our Bunker Beach Water Park season passes.
We camped.
We saw fireworks and parades and water ski shows.
We went home to Hector, to the lake, and to friend's cabins.
There was maybe one single summer weekend that we spent entirely within the metro limits.
We spent time with family and extended family, and the kids ran wild with their cousins.
We sported awesome tans.
We ate A LOT.
By mid-July we forgot to apply sunscreen.
We had fun.

We had so damn much fun I couldn't bear to write another "Thomberg Summer of Fun" post as August ended.

There is NO POST on the State Fair.
We did take a day off work and went with my Dad as always.
We did go to basically every barn, except the swine barn.
We did go to the kiddy midway.
We did eat cheese curds, pronto pups, mini donuts (and chicken fried bacon too).
We did go home tired.

There is NO POST about Labor Day weekend.
We did spend it at the lake.
We ended the summer the same way we started it - with an overnight at Brett and Rachel's and hours on the boat.
We were joined by the H-we's.
Dean water skied.
Piper got her first lesson in water skiing.
We did have a few cocktails and a fire in the evening.

Fall is here.
We are happy to herald in the new season, with some time spent closer to home.
Last week we were up VERY late, in our own backyard, around a fire, with our neighbors.
Two Sunday's in a row have included walks of exploration along the bank of the Mississippi River across the street from our house.
The kids are into their third week of school and have adjusted perfectly.
We welcome the cooler days, instead of the intense heat of the past three months.
The mums are planted.
The impatients are dying.
I get to wear cardigans again.
I love cardigans.

Fall is good.
We are ready for fall (and a nap or two).

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