Monday, September 17, 2012

The First Day of School

Like many students across Minnesota, Marly and Dean headed off to their first day of kindergarten the day after Labor Day. The kids attend a math and environmental science magnet school in our school district. Several neighborhood kids also attend.

The first day we took the traditional front step photos, then loaded up, backpacks in hand, and drove the Twinners to their new school. Usually they will ride the bus and we will drive them to their stop, but mama duck and daddy duck weren't ready to put the goslings on the BIG YELLOW BUS on their very first day,with so many new unknowns.
We drove them to school and delivered them safely to Mrs. Loveridge's classroom at the end of the long hall, past the lunchroom referred to as the "cafe". I was resolute this whole kindergarten things was NO BIG DEAL for this mama duck.
Dean was very anxious the night before and morning of. Marly keeps her emotions close to the vest. Dean held both my hand and Mark's as we approached their classroom. Marly wanted no hand. Suddenly this whole kindergarten thing was becoming a BIG DEAL for mama duck. Mama duck started to take deep, calming breathes.
Once Dean settled into the new environment, he realized it wasn't so different from pre school. We got each child situated, and they began to ignore us, and sort of "shooed" us on with our day. Other mama ducks were holding back sobs as they exited the room.

...And so we took step towards the door.
We entered the hall.
We did not look back
This mama duck's eyes began to well up.
Walk quickly, breathe deeply!
Maybe a tear slipped down my cheek.
Maybe Mark was trying VERY hard to keep control.

Our only teeny tinies we will ever have just went off together to conquer kindergarten,
leaving mama duck and daddy duck behind with out a second glance!

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