Monday, August 13, 2012

Lake Life - Thomberg Summer of Fun 2012

I reviewed my Outlook calendar the other night. I counted.  My kids have been in a Minnesota lake swimming and playing at least 18 days this summer.

Lakes include:
Lake Pierson (Brett and Rachel's)
William O'brien State Park (camping)
Lake Allie (Jan & Sheldon's)
Diamond Lake (The Ulrich Cabin)
Middle Cullen Lake (vacation)

Our most recent lake day was for Sawyer Melberg's birthday at Jan and Sheldon's. What a glorious day with family and friends. The birthday boy is the blondie on the far left in the photo above.
Tubing with your cousins

What could possibly be better on a Saturday afternoon????

Dean pointed out there seems to be a lot of "brothers" at these family things, and very few "sisters".

Melberg sisters consist of Marly (& two sweet girls we rarely see in Iowa), Me & my cousin Michelle above, and my Aunt Carol (who was on vacation in Alaska).

Dean and Wilson
The kids wrapped up the party with a water fight after supper.
You bet I was IN on the action.
I am proposing an "ALL GENERATION WATER FIGHT REMATCH" at Charlie's Birthday this weekend.Who's in???? Bring your own water balloons and guns!

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