Saturday, August 18, 2012

This Summer,I, sun, water, play, family, friends!

I choose - sleeping until the summer sun wakes me up on Saturday, instead of an alarm, or getting out of bed to unload the dishwasher and start the day.

I choose - a day at the lake, instead of putting away a weeks worth of clean laundry.

I choose - salty potato chips, instead of a healthy vegetable choice.

I choose - camping with my bestie and our kids, instead of  a garage sale for all the sale-able crap in massive piles of tubs taking over the garage.

I choose - a evening bike ride through the neighborhood with the Twinners, instead of the supper mess on the counter and in the sink.

I choose - watering and tending the plants in the yard, then sitting with Mark on an adorandack chair watching the kids bike in the cal-de-sac, instead of the dust inside.

I choose - a stroll up the street to visit the neighbor's chickens with Marly and Dean, instead of sweeping the floor.

I choose - an afternoon at Bunker Beach water park, instead of scrubbing the kitchen floor that still needs sweeping.

I choose - a glass of wine on the deck, instead of the taking a brush to the bathroom toilet.

I choose - dinner off the grill eaten on the patio, instead of turning on the oven and setting the table.

I choose - an afternoon at Como Park or a playdate with a gal pal and her kiddos, instead of grocery shopping.

I choose - yet another day on the water while Dean water skis, instead of the windows that never got washed this spring.

I choose - heading to hang out with family in the country, instead of vacuuming the house and running errands.

I choose - my hometown days dance at The Other Place with my cool cat cousin's, instead of expensive drinks at a trendy urban watering hole.

I choose - ice cream and added pounds, instead of the diet I should go on.

I choose - my girlfriend's patio with sweet lights strung overhead on a balmy Thursday evening, instead of going to bed at a reasonable time on a school night.

I choose - a late night bonfire on Saturday, instead of getting up early for church on Sunday.

I choose - hosting the neighborhood National Night Out block party this year, making cute and neatly printed invites hand delivered with Marly and Dean to every front door AND mailbox up and down the street, instead of simply walking a few houses up the street with a pan of rice crispy bars.

I choose - a totally awesome tan, instead of the MORE HEALTHY skin alternative which involves shading the sun and applying sunscreen liberally.

I choose - picking up cold deli friend chicken for a picnic style meal on Sunday, instead of home cooking.

I choose - breakfast out and gallons of coffee with girlfriends, instead of organizing the closets bursting at the seams/doors with clutter .

I choose - heading north or west at some point each weekend, instead of staying in town for the duration.

I choose - itchy mosquito bites, instead of smoothly shaved legs.

I choose - shorts, instead of a skirt even though my legs show the results of the ice cream, potato chips, mosquite bites and chiggers!

I choose - reading a book by the window, instead of changing the sheets and wiping the mirrors.

I choose - finger prints on the screen doors, instead of pristine and polished glass because the visible prints are a reminder of the ones I love and cherish, and our summer season of fun.

I choose - inviting friends for grilling or dinner - BECAUSE I WILL FINALLY be pressured to put away the laundry, vacuum, grocery shop, and scrub the kitchen floor.

If we haven't enjoyed some summer time fun time with you the past three months, on the lake, at breakfast, for a meal or cocktail, outside, in the country, around the neighborhood, or at some event exclusive to summer, please call me! We will try and find a time to have you come for dinner, because my house is a DISASTER again!

Friends and family are ALWAYS welcome at the Thomberg House (when we aren't out and about doing all the things above), but do NOT open the closets or look closely at the ceiling and corners, because you WILL find spider webs! Come outside to the patio. It is a pleasant place. The only cleaning required is with a hose, and you all know we like the water.

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