Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012

Oh yes...we have been back from vacation for WELL OVER A WEEK, and I am just now putting up a post about our Melberg Summer Vacation to the Wilderness Resort on Middle Cullen Lake by Nisswa.

What have I been doing? If you must know, I have been reading the "50 Shades of Grey" series like every other woman in America, watching the Olympics,  hosting our streets 'National Night Out' Block Party, spending time in the water closer to home, and I guess I have this thing called a job too.

So - back to our vacation...

We stayed in a rental villa with plenty of room for all at a small resort two miles outside of town. In no particular order, we swam in the lake, we played on the beach, we ate pizza at Zorbas, we went to the pool, we grilled, we went out to eat or stayed in to eat, Mark and Dad kayaked, we used the paddle boat, we investigated resorts for future vacations, we boated, we played with Charlie, we water skied, we mixed cocktails, we went into town for lattes at Stone Mill Coffee, we climbed a fire tower outside of Pequot Lakes, we went for drives, we drank beer and wine, we swam, we ate ice cream cones at the Chocolate Ox and DQ, we swam, we had a fire (just once, because the kids wanted one, even though it was HOT), we entered in the Turtle Races at Nisswa, we had my Dad's cousin and wife over for steak & sampled multiple glasses of Reg's home brews. The Twinners did not take a single nap, several adults did. The girls snuck off to the spa. My already stellar tan was further enhanced.

Here are some family photos taken after dinner out at the Bar Harbor Supper Club on Gull Lake. (Rachel's ultra super belated birthday dinner pick.)

Cousins - Chris got the boy's matching shirts.

My fabulous (arrogant - he he!!) brother and his beautiful family.

Just us.

I love this picture.
My dad looks so truly happy.
The kids are happy.
They make each other happy.

Dare I say lucky.

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