Thursday, May 31, 2012

I'm Sorry

I am not sure how good a job I have done expressing how close Dean and Marly are, or describing their "twinness". (I am lamenting my own inability to write about it eloquently.) It is a special bond. On more then one occasion I have tried to explain to the siblings they are TWINS. I explain they were born at the same time and have the same birthday. I explain most brothers and sisters are NOT the same age. And still...if you ask them, "Who is your twin?" they might reply, "I don't know......"

People often comment, "You must have your hands full!"

Here is the TRUTH...

I do NOT have my hands full because Marly and Dean always have EACH OTHER to talk to, to play with, to swing with, to learn with, to bathe with, to sing with, to play hide and go seek with, to giggle with, and to conspire with.

Sometimes they fight. Sometimes they get on each other's nerves. Monday afternoon the whole family was enjoying leisure time on the lawn. The kids were picking on each other. Mark told Marly and Dean to wrestle it out.  Heck, sometimes kids just need to rough house a little, right???

Well, Dean took it a little too far. He got even more MAD, picked up a whiffle ball, and whipped it at Marly's head. It hit her square on the noggin and bounced off. Crying ensued. Dean apologized. Marly went to the front yard to nurse her wound.

I was inside working on supper when Dean trooped back in through the patio.  A drip of blood was dried down the side of his leg. He apologized to ME for the blood, and asked if I would help him clean his wound and get a band-aid.

My sweet little Dean explained he had fallen into the thorny rose bush because he wanted to give Marly flowers to show her he was sorry he had thrown the ball at her.

This mom's heart melted. He headed back outside in search of safer flowers. He came back with lilacs and requested a vase. He presented them to his sister, said he was sorry again, and then told Marly they were for her nightstand by her bed.....

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