Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

We had a wonderful, long holiday weekend. Sunday morning we got up, excited to be heading to Brett and Rachel's on Lake Pierson. I remember as a child being giddy on Sunday's and oh so ready to head to Kandi to Donald and Lou's cabin and all the cousin's. I remember how impatient Brett and I could be, waiting to GO! (Let's GO MOM!!!)

 I was giddy this Sunday,  but I was playing the adult role of "mom". This means I ran to the grocery store at 8 am, made a pasta salad, whipped up a pan of rice crispy bars, packed every one's overnight bag and beach ware, and loaded the car. While I was doing the prep work, Marly and Dean were checking in regularly wondering how long before we were GOING!. Ahhh yes... I remember that.
We arrived before lunch. We ate hotdogs and headed to the boat. Marly took to the water right away, despite the initial chill. Dean thought he wanted to water ski, then decided it was way too cold.
He was all smiles back on the boat!
Dad and Chris arrived for supper. Afterwards Dad skied for the first time of the season.
61 and up on the water.

Monday morning we headed down to the dock for a boat ride after the overnight storm and before heading back to B.P. Mark is way out their on the dock. If there are photos of ME this post, which means Mark was behind the lens. Poor guy is not otherwise photographed this time!

The kids stayed an arm's length from this snapping turtle that must have gotten confused during the severe weather overnight and ended up at the neighbor's across the street, before being returned to the water.

Anyway... as you can see, we had a good holiday and hope you did too.
And - We THANK our troops for serving our country. We remember the reason for our liesure! I especially want to acknowledge my Uncle Dick for serving and his son Rob who serves today.

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