Monday, May 14, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action!

Marly had her first ever dance recital about a week ago! She started going to "lessons" at pre-school on Thursday mornings.

I am slow to the draw. We did not inititaly sign up for dance in the fall like many other little girls. I just wasn't paying attention. After the holidays, there was room in the class, and Marly's teacher asked if she would like to give it a try.
She went, and her teacher, Miss Yelena, assured me she had fun. But, back at home she told me she didn't want to go!
She went back the next week, and I got the same report. Finally I had a phone conversation with the dance instructor, Miss Missy. Miss Missy thought Marly was intimidated by the idea there would be a "recital" in the spring.
Marly returned to dance class with the knowledge she could go dance on Thurday's, but didn't need to perform on stage, and did NOT have to be a part of the recital. This seemed to resolve any problems.
As the weeks went by though.... she warmed up to the idea of being on stage. Just between me, Mark, and Miss Missy though... this was the grand plan anyway.
Miss Missy teaches at the multiple Step by Step locations. All the students from the various schools and classes come together at the Minnetonka Arts Center for Miss Missy's Step by Step recital.
Each group took turns performing three short dances to various songs. Marly was all smiles the ENTIRE show. Her shy-ness dissappeared, at least while she was on stage.
She did a  GREAT job, and was clearly having  fun the entire time.
The whole show and all the little girls were darn cute. There is nothing compititive about Miss Missy's dance classes. It is just for fun, and just for enjoyment.
Nana came to take in the show. We all had a good time! (and we are pretty proud of Miss Marly too!0

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