Monday, June 4, 2012

New Bikes

This weekend we did NOT check out the Edina Art Fair.
We did NOT attend the Flint Hills Music Festival.
We did NOT take the kids to Grand Ole Days in St Paul.

The kids and I DID have a play date with the deVries crew near Stillwater and the St. Croix River.
Mark spent some time out with friends.
Andrea lunched and shopped with a gal pal.
We all spent time in the yard (a weekend staple).
Mark and I each ended up stopping at Home Depot for something.
We all made a trip to the Coon Rapids Dam to see the high water rushing on the Mississippi.
We all went to church.
We all went to Toys R Us, Kmart and two Walmarts in search of bigger bikes for Marly and Dean.
16 inches
Training wheels removed.
Kick stands added (along with a basket for Marly and a bell for Dean).
was the how Marly and Dean spent the rest of Sunday afternoon and evening.

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