Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Weekend - Whole 30 style

As I reflect on the last few days on Whole 30, I think Mark and I truly "embraced" our first weekend on our healthy eating plan. We took it in stride, planned, and found successes both in suspending one of our time honored Thomberg traditions, and in spending time with company.

-We knew we could not have our usual pizza delivery (plus wine) for Thomberg Family Pizza Night on Friday. In accordance, I headed to the grocery store after work with a Whole 30 spaghetti recipe in hand. I decided I needed something with tomato, since we wouldn't be having pizza sauce. We made marinara with crushed tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, spinach, spices, ground turkey, etc. We made "pasta" from spaghetti squash. The whole family gave the Whole 30 recipe a thumbs up.

-I was jones-ing for a drink when I got home. It is our habit to wrap up the work week with a glass of wine. Most weeks when walk in the door, Mark is on line at the kitchen table wrapping up his business with his glass in hand. It is our "unwind" tradition. Because we can't have alcohol, I mixed up up my own cocktail concoction of Kombucha blended/pureed with a few chunks of frozen mango. I poured it into wine glasses for effect. I don't really have a grasp of what this Kombucha beverage in a bottle is, but it is approved and supposedly good for you. Its from a mushroom, or not and fermented or something. The taste is generally non-discript.

-The H-we's came for an overnight. I asked Gretchen to bring kid friendly snacks and appetizers, along with some wine and beer (since Mark and I were abstaining and I didn't want to buy more).

-Mark and I snacked on delicisou buttery olives from Costco and fresh veggies Gretch- provided before dinner. We made hot dogs and mac n' cheese for the kids. After the adults ate grilled steak. For sides, we provided asparagus baked in the oven with olive oil, sea salt & lemon juice; and yellow and orange peppers & onions in tin foil on the grill with olive oil, vinegar & basil. We served mushrooms sauteed with ghee. (No one even notices potatoes are missing when you have two very different vegetables.)

-Mark and I drank another Kombucha cocktail concoction, and had Pierre with our meal instead of wine.

-Gretch- brought us farm fresh eggs from her aunt. We scrambled the eggs, browned ground turkey meat, sauteed bell peppers, and topped it with guacamole and/or salsa. We served sliced mangoes on the side and Ezekiel Bread with Sun butter or jelly for those who wanted it. Kids were happy. Parents were happy. Mark and I remained Whole 30 compliant.

It was fun to share our eating experiences with our friends. Everyone was satisfied, enjoyed the meals, and were comfortable.

-I made the kids air popped buttered popcorn (my favorite, my TV watching addiction) on Friday night. Instead of popcorn with our movie, I ate baby Kale (purchased in a giant bag at Costco) coated with olive oil and sea salt and baked until crisp. The kids ate popcorn again Sunday night. Mark and I were desperate for a just a little treat... a nibble.. of SOMETHING! We each had a strawberry dipped unsweetened coconut flakes along with a cup of licorice tea.

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