Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day

On St Patrick's Day the Thomberg's babysat our friends' 6 month old son Gavin. After John wrapped up his day of schooling and Doris got done working tax returns at her firm, they came to retrieve their 'little man. Of course we planned for them to stay for dinner.On Saturday morning I decided to play up St Patty's Day and sought out the appropriate holiday menu at my usual go-to source - Real Simple Magazine online! After a quick search, Ale-Braised corn beef brisket with traditional sides was the clear choice. While I cared for Gavin and the Twinners ran wild outside, Mark headed to Costco with our regular shopping list, plus all of necessaties for our traditional Irish meal. Everything went into the crock pot around noon, while the Harp and Guinness chilled in the fridge!

I'm not Irish, but I have red hair, I am wearing green, and I drank a few bottles of Harp.

Doris and I enjoyed a ginger cocktail with Domain de Canton liqueur. That's not Irish either. (At this point Gavin was already sound asleep in his footy jammies in the pack n' play.)

We had a grand evening on our patio in the odd and unusual 70 degree holiday heat.Doris picked us up this decadent dessert at Truffles and Tortes in Plymouth - Bailey's Irish Cream and to die for!
By the way - Marly wanted to point out her first mosquito bit of the season - ON ST PATRICK'S DAY in MARCH! That's not normal!

Happy St. Pat's to Ya'All!

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