Tuesday, March 13, 2012

5 Year Well Child Visit

Marly and Dean had their 5 year well child visit with Dr. Whitehill at the Allina Medical Clinic in Coon Rapids last week. She has been the Twinner's doctor since our first clinic appointment on a Sunday two days after we left the hospital. Rachel drove us to the appointment that day, since Mark was working at Marco's Pizza.

Dr. Whitehill has a son who is in kindergarten and twin boys a year younger than our own. We think she is the cat's meow! I took out my camera during a period she left the room. Of course I couldn't bring myself to ask for a photo with her. For goodness sake, the woman has kids to care for, while I hang out in the exam room!
This is the first year the kids had to wear a gown. Dean thought it was ugly and didn't want his photo taken in it. Shhh... Don't tell him where mommy posted his picture!


Weight - 40 lbs (45th percentile)

Height - 43.25 inches (57th percentile)


Weight - 39 lbs (46th percentile)

Height - 41.4 inches (30th percentile)
*2 inches shorter since birth.

Marly didn't mind the gown.

The kids got their shots. They were prepared and had practiced their "brave" faces. Unfortunately, the shots were truly painful. Dean went first. He let out quite a wail. Even after the drama, Marly climbed onto the table for her turn without hesitation. She whimpered, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" over and over. They were both very good about it.

I am proud of my twins. I love our children dearly. I love the people they are becoming. I love the friendship and bond they have with each other. I love their individuality. I hope Mark and I are good parents to them....

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