Tuesday, March 6, 2012

On the river

The Mississippi. The River. Nature.

It is right across the street from our home, on the higher tax side.

Since last spring, there has been a forclosure in the cal-de-sac at the end of our street. We are sad for the misfortune, but we have come to use this property as our own private river access. It has make shift steps (long un-maintained) down to the river bank and a stream flowing into it. We are frequent visitors of the site. Many of our river-side neighbors have steps too, but the forclusure steps have become like our own.

When we make the treck down, we feel like we have gone far, far away from it all...

...and closer to things that really matter.

Across from our bank is an island. Up from the island is the Coon Rapids Dam. Due to the man made and natural factors, the water was low when the river froze this winter, allowing us safe travel across the ice.

The river and the island provide for adventures through the changing seasons.

Nature is at hand. Civilization feels far off in the distance.

This balmy winter, we can explore the island on a Sunday afternoon.

There are downed trees to scale.

There is the perfect opportunity to spend uncomplipicated time with each other and close to God.There are treasures to discover.
There are memories to be made on The River. Our River.

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