Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness

The weather is CRAZY fantastic here in Minnesota. It is as if Spring Break came to us at home. We are experiencing unseasonably warm weather here.

Wednesday was a record breaking 74 degrees, which made my trigger finger itchy. I bought this bunny at Goodwill last weekend when I purged a car load of stuff. I promised Mark I wouldn't go inside Goodwill when I dropped off my donations... but I broke my promise. The temptation was too great. Yesterday the bunny got a pop of Krylon Ocean Breeze. The bunny is currently at home on our Ikea photo shelves just in time for Easter.While I was spray painting and the kids were playing with Hailey the next door neighbor girl, Mark was grilling steaks - IN MARCH!

We ate our delicious, grilled red meat on the patio table Mark pulled out from storage - IN MARCH!

The scene from our patio - IN MARCH!

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