Sunday, September 4, 2011


Today we went to visit Brett, Rachel and Baby Charlie. Dad was there too. Despite the new addition to the household, Brett made ribs, and had cold slaw, beans and corn bread for dinner/lunch.

I feel bad Brett and Rachel fed us, with a brand new baby on board. In my defense, I brought a baked ziti dish to heat, frozen garlic bread to go with it, Quiche Lorraine they can cut and nuk by the slice, brownies, and Wasi toast and Laughing Cow cheese for the nursing mom. Yes... I made the ziti, quiche and brownies (which were admittedly from a box).

In the afternoon, we got to be a part of Charlie's first boat ride. He is about 6 days old today!

Most likely, this is the last boat ride of the season for the Thomberg's. I can't wait for next summer at Brett and Rachel's on Pierson Lake with the new addition to the family.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming out. We had a wonderful day. Thanks for all the tasty food too. We appreciate it. Marly was too cute holding Charlie!



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