Thursday, September 1, 2011

State Fair 2011

As usual, we headed to the Great MN Get Together.
As usual we went on a week day and met my dad.
As usual, we kicked off the day with cheese curds from the food building. As usual, we headed through all the barns, starting with the Miracle of Birth Barn.
Dad showed the kids the milking parlor. Dad milked cows when he was a kid. He raised his college tuition this way.

As usual, the cow barn was my dad and my favorite. I like cows.

Dean being silly, and pretzel-legged at the cow statue.

This year we went in the butterfly house. We have never been inside before.

This year we got our Fair tickets for free. Last year we signed up for the Gophers Kids Study. They want you to return year after year, and they send you free tickets in the mail.

Although we saved $44 in tickets, we spent about $70 in food and drink.

This year we had to skip the Giant Slide because it was sprinkling when we went by.

This year the kids favorite ride on the Kiddy Midway was the Tilt-a-Whirl.

This year we left the stroller at home.

This year Dean complained he was too tired to walk about 10 feet from the exit gate as we were leaving.

This year Rachel and Brett were at the hospital while we embarked upon all the State Fair has to offer.

This year I texted Brett from time to time to find out about Rachel's labor progress.

This year we all had a WONDERFUL time. We always do.

Dean Favorite Food - Mini Donuts

Marly's Favorite Food - Cheese Curds

My Favorite Tried and True Food - Cheese Curds

My Favorite New Food - Deep Fried Cookie Dough on a stick.

Mark's Favorite Ride - The Tilt a Whirl with the kids.

Mark's Food he MUST have - The traditional, tried and true Pronto Pup.

People We Ran Into in 2011 - My former KSTP Co-Worker Margaret Hart who now works for the Ag Dept & Molly, Peter, Charlie and Owen deVries.

Things We Missed in 2011(besides the Giant Slide) - The SCSU booth in the Education Building and the Giant Bore. There was a sign indicating the giant bore had gone home. I think he died of a massive heart attack!


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