Friday, September 23, 2011

Goodbye Summer Season Friends

This summer on Riverview Lane, we had new neighbors. We have enjoyed having them, but as expected, they are gone before the snow birds fly south!
Our neighbors were three chickens in a small coop! Rex and Jaci up the street got the birds this spring to try and combat some sort of bugs that have infested their two apple trees for more then a dozen years. It seems they have tried all kinds of sprays and organic methods to deal with these slugs, with no success. So, this year they tried CHICKENS! They explained the poultry were suppose to eat the eat the insects before they matured and infested the apples.

Well, as you can imagine, the three new neighbors were a hit with the kids of Riverview Lane, and especially Marly and Dean. Jaci invited Marly and Dean to come and visit the trio whenever they wanted.

The Twinners pedaled up the street to check out the chickens at least once a week. When the grandparent's would come over, they kids trucked them up the street too.

Dean named one the brown birds Charlie.

This might be Charlie, or it might not!

Charlie and his pals layed green and brown eggs.

Just yesterday I noticed the pen was empty. We knew this day would come. Since our summer friends arrived, I have made it no secret we eat chicken. I haven't mentioned it to the kids yet, but I suspect Charlie, the white chicken, and the other brown chicken are destined for the dinner table!

I believe Rex has mentioned the birds did not provide the answer to the slug problem, so I am not sure if we will see any new poultry with the return of spring.

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