Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Go Gophers! Go Bison!

Last weeknd we got to go our first Gophers game at TCF Stadium. My Dad asked a cousin with season tickets to get him 10 tickets to the UND game, before they went on sale to the public. My dad, Brett and the Thomberg's were joined by the Paulson's.

Although my Dad is a VERY proud Alumni of the Carlson School of Management with a masters, Mark and I are SCSU Huskies through and through. Thus, none of us have any Gophers gear. In fact, I accidentally dressed Dean in Bison colors!

Chad is a graduate of the University of North Dakota, and my cousin Michelle went to Moorhead State.
Marly decided to cheer for the Bison (which was encouraged by Michelle), and they won.

No matter the score, everyone had a fabulous time. If we get to attend next year, I will make sure we have the appropriate attire/gear!

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