Sunday, September 11, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

On Memorial Day we headed to the Minnesota Zoo to use Marly and Dean's Birthday gift certificate from the Collin's family. The weather was perfect and the crowds were light. We saw the new penguin exhibit and rode the monorail.

We walked the paths.

We watched the dolphin training show.

And by now, you are probably wondering why there are not photos of ANIMALS.

You know how it is at the MN Zoo (which was known as the NEW Zoo when I was in elementary)- the animals are in the back, or behind a tree, and slightly obscured.

Or...there is a crowd of kids in front.

Of course the ordinary animals at the Wells Fargo Family Farm are always a hit with Marly and Dean. Throw in a GREEN tractor (even if it is antique, with NO cab, NO buddy seat, and NO high tech gadgets like on the Melberg Farms) and it is a winner of a day for little man Dean-0! That boy has country coursing though his veins even if he is the suburban cousin. As we walked up the trail, Dean started yelling, "Soybeans Mom, Soybeans!"

Time to head home, but not before snapping one more picture, with NO ANIMALS!

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