Friday, August 12, 2011

What are we UP TO???

It's Friday, I lack photos... but wanted to remind even MYSELF what the Thomberg's have been up to.

-As we speak, a man from Home Depot is in our basement laying fresh carpet through out.

-Yesterday I set my own new Miracle Treat Day record for LEAST number of Blizzards consumed on one MTD. In it's 6 year history of MTD in North America, this is the first year I was a part of the general population participating in the event. I texted my former co-workers supportive messages, and Facebooked and Twittered about my sugary indulgences. I made an on line donation to Gillette promoted by the FOX 9 phone bank, my co-worker and I had a Blizzard at lunch, and we visited DQ as a family for dinner. I ran into a Gillette family at noon, and saw a DQ operator I knew at supper.... and beyond that, I watched the social media swirl around the event.

Here is our 2011 MTD photo...

Check out 2010

-I have been thrifting a bit here and there, and spray painting this and that odds and end decor items... for fun. There is a boat load of project I hope to do, or are waiting for me... but are nothing but dust collectors in my garage currently!

-Mark finished the chalk board paint in the kids' rooms and I am nearly done with the closet door transformation to white.

-Last weekend the kids and I headed to Lake Allie for the cousin's birthday's of Saxton and Wilson. I LOVE that we celebrate my cousin's kids birthdays. It is a GRAND excuse to gather as an extended family. At the lake, we ate and swam and went boating. The kids tubed and Dean got a jet ski ride with Grandpa. Dad, Brett, the Twinners and I headed home as the sun was setting. I didn't bring the camera.

-This weekend is rather event free. I think I see furniture movement up and down and all around ahead of us.

-I suspect pizza is in our future this evening with the Lyon's.

Stay Tuned and have a GREAT WEEKEND folks!

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