Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Miracle Treat Day Count Down

Miracle Treat Day is coming!

Go out and buy a Blizzard to support Gillette Children's or your local Children's Miracle Network hospital this THURSDAY!
No... I do NOT work at Gillette anymore.

No... I will not be up at 5 a.m on Thursday to promote the MTD on TV.

No... I will not purchase 5 or more Blizzards, just for myself.

No... I will not be eating my last mini Blizzard at the Woodbury DQ at midnight Thursday.

No... I will not get to help deliver Blizzards to the Gillette patients with the DQ CEO and Miss Minnesota.

No... I will not put 100's of miles on my car travelling to DQ's near and far on Thursday.

Yes... I still LOVE Gillette.

Yes... I will miss all the Gillette families on MTD.

Yes...I still recognize and admire the DQ corporation and the individual DQ operators for their generosity.

Yes... I will still promote the event.

Yes... I will ask my co-workers to get a Blizzard with me at lunch on Thursday.

Yes... I will take my family to DQ for supper and Blizzard treats for MTD.

Yes... I am proud to have been a big part of this amazing event from the BEGINNING!

Please help spread the word.

Miracle Treat Day is this THURSDAY!


1 comment:

JennyF said...

Just the other day I was re-counting to to a new co-worker the stories of you going out and getting your last Blizzard at midnight last year, even though you'd probably had 5 or 6 already that day!

We're thinking of you as much as you're thinking of us! Thank you for your continued support. :-)


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