Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Weekend = Moving Day for Marly & Dean

We aren't to the "Jazzing it Up" stage of the Twinner's bedroom... BUT they OFFICIALLY moved downstairs on Saturday.
To get to this stage, I have been painting their closet doors (which are NOT yet complete and remain in the garage needing a second coat.)

Mark wrapped up the magenetic and chalkboard paint last week, and the walls earlier.

We started out with this on Thursday night, before the carpet came.

By Saturday at 11 am, I had their beds in their new home... but many tasks ahead.

Above - Dean's already owned white bedskirt getting a "tea bath" to better match his new dino bedspread.

We found a new lampshade for Dean, and he loves his dino Pottery Barn bedding.

Saturday afternoon we ran to Target, Home Depot and Ikea for our accessory search. $39 later, Marly had this Ikea light above in her new room!

Their original changing table from their room upstairs (and nursery before that), repurposed with the former bathroom mirror. And of course, thrifted and spray painted butterflies (which I bought months ago for 99 cents)!

The butterfly bed and "castle" tulling (as Marly calls it), courtesy of Nana and Papa.

*Still to do/Jazzing
- Window treatments for BOTH kids. We will be doing bamboo roman shades for Dean, and a double curain rod for Marly. (Notice the trashy sheets in the window reflected in Marly's mirror

- Put on the closet doors.

- Paint both nightstands, which I purchased from the Salvation Army many moons ago.

- Paint Dean's simple hand me down headboard from Carol an almond color with Krylon spray paint. (Marly's stayed white and is already in place.)

- Both kids have a little wooden table and chairs in their room. Mark came across the strudy children's furniture for FREE, but both need painting to match their room.

- Dean has a matching toybox that needs a make over. Marly's toybox was in their upstairs bedroom.

- Dean needs a fixture for his ceiling light. We are looking at repurposing a drum lamp shade... but haven't come across the right size/color yet. I do have one Walmart return to make.
- Marly needs a lamp shade for her thrifted milk glass lamp.
- Both kids need wall art.(which will include purchasing and painting thifft store frames).

- Thirfting and spray painting of random accessories.

Despite the long list of "jazzing" ahead, their first two nights in the lower level have been a success. Their beds both sit so they can see out their doors and view each other, but of course we can close both doors. So far, this seems to have combated some of the anxiety of the move and seperation. We also added a string of sensor night lights to illuminate the past upstairs.

Stay tuned for more to come. We won't talk about the upstairs mess of a 1/2 empty room yet.

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