Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's Up!?

Well, I was slow to post because it was a NO PHOTO weekend. I can give you an update, but I have no images to add! I thought my camera had been left on my desk at work... turns out it was under the seat of my car the whole time.

Friday - On my way home from work, I made what has become a rather regular stop at the Papa Murphy's on Lexington to pick up nourishment for Thomberg Family Pizza Night. Of course I had a coupon (for a free cheese pizza, which Marly and Dean enjoyed). The Lyon's joined us for the evening.

Saturday - After nap time, we headed to the H-we's for a long overdue overnight. The kids enjoyed the outdoors and the parent's enjoyed each other's company. Gretchen and I snuck out and bellied up to the bar for a beer at the "P House" right around the kid's bed time... so the men got the privilege of putting the little people down!

Sunday - I took the kids to our yearly church "Spring Fling" while Mark did inventory at Caribou. The kids love the petting zoo. Yup - sure would be cool if I had photos of Dean with the camel, or Marly petting the lamb, or the kids dancing arm in arm with each other to the music from the church band.

So... that is our weekend in a nutshell. Life moves forward too quickly as usual, since it is now Wednesday! I made up a turkey meat loaf last night, so it is sure to be a good day (since supper is done!).

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