Monday, March 10, 2008

What to blog? Simple thanks...

Now that I have a blog... What do I write? How often do I write? Does anyone care? Time will tell.

I can tell you my blog will NOT be all about my children (although I love them dearly). It is an opportunity to share about myself and my thoughts in general. This fine Monday I thought I would GIVE THANKS for three small, minor, and mostly material things in my life this past week.

I work in fundraising. I devote a lot of time and energy giving thanks in a variety of ways to my sponsors. It is critical to find ways to give thanks that will properly honor and motivate my sponsors. It is also an enjoyable job when I hit the mark. In my personal life, it is also important to GIVE THANKS. I suspect that is going to be a common and ongoing theme in what I post.

Again... I will tell you today I am being simple minded in my thanks, because they are VERY self centered.

I am THANKFUL for the salon gift card Rachel got me for Christmas! I have not gotten my hair cut professionally since before Thanksgiving. Is that actually possible for someone who is very critical of her own hair and is utterly devoted to a curling iron (even though the '80's are LONG gone!)??? I got my haircut last Thursday. The stylist at the Aveda salon was very curious about my hair as she cut. She began to question what scissors and tools I had at home since I confessed I hadn't had a professional cut in months. It is true, I have been busy cutting away in my own bathroom. The clogged sink proves it. She asked me NOT to tell others where they could buy the scissors to thin out the hair. The gift card also purchased the custom color conditioner and shampoo I love to keep my red locks bright!

I am THANKFUL for my trip to Cub Foods yesterday. Marly and Dean were strapped into the cart that holds TWO small kids in front and enjoying their ride about the store. A grandmotherly lady came up and said my children were adorable. She started to move on, then turned around and commented that I was adorable too! Sometimes when we are out as Mommy's, we seem to lose ourselves to our fine children. My thanks to this lady for seeing me too and taking a moment to make me feel good. It takes so little time and just a few words to make someone else's day bright!

I am THANKFUL for coffee. I love coffee. I have loved coffee since I was a small child and my grandpa use to tell me it would stunt my growth. I have received several fine Caribou Coffee gift cards recently. A coffee purchased at the drive thru with a gift card on the way to work really is an indulgence that makes my morning. My sponsors for work (when I am at events honoring them) always comment on my perky persona. I usually have coffee near me when I receive the comment. I always alert them I drink mostly decaf.

Anyway, I promise next time my thanks will be for more profound things! After todays post, you may never check back again....


Britta said...

Hey I would have probably created that name for you some of the people I babysit for have two names also...haha like McBride and Bergum equals McBergum, and Murray and Cerkvenik equals MurCerk!

I will give thanks to you, since meeting you through Gillette you have changed my life too...I now get more enjoyment out of helping others who have helped me.

Not sure when I will be back down maybe you should come up to Giants Ridge this summer, so I can see you! :-)


The Koenig Family said...

xI do recall you drinking coffee with your mom in the morning when I would sleep over.

When Katelyn was little I thought if I never even get out of the car no one will even notice.

What a wonderfull lady that was who commented on you too. Such a hidden treasure.

Keep writing. I love it. Check out my friend Wendy Eberts blog she does a great job.

The Koenig Family said...

Okay, that was me Cindy. I forgot to sign my name


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