Monday, March 17, 2008

Ga Ga for the Osmonds!

I have just returned from my work event - the Children's Miracle Network Celebration. At Celebration, CMN hospitals from across the US, Canada, UK and Ireland gather to honor our fundraising sponsors at Disney World in Orlando. Also, one special child from a hospital in each state (Canadian provinces, etc) comes to represent Children's Miracle Network as a Champion. Marie Osmond and John Schnieder are the founders.... so on Friday, the Osmond family performed and the ENTIRE family got on stage for our gala event. We were also live on Good Morning America that day. I was like a giddy school girl to see the Osmonds. Seriously, my manger (who was attending like her 16th Celebration), was probably most entertained watching ME unable to contain my excitement for the hoopla! I remember my mom LOVED Donny and Marie, and we went to see Donny when he was in "Joseph". She use to say, "Those Osmonds are such good people!"

Besides going ga ga over the Osmonds, of course I was moved by each Champion child and the extreme medical circumstances these children encounter. Our chosen child for Gillette & MN was 9 year old Nick Nelson. He has been featured on KARE several times, as well as NBC nightly news, and the Today show. He choose to have one of his legs amputated due to a very rare medical condition he has had since birth. The expression on his face was amazing as he RAN onto the stage to accept his medal from Miss America. On Friday morning he asked if I could come with him to Disney. Of course I told him I would love to join his family, but I had meetings to attend!

Anyway, I was probably most happy to return home (even though the weather was wonderful in FL). On Sunday, I simply could not give my very healthy Marly & Dean enough kisses and hugs. I am tearing up now just imagining what the Champion children I met endure, as well as their families. They are a true inspiration, as are all the children I am honored to work with at Gillette.

Wishing each of you many blessings, and your children too!

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