Thursday, January 30, 2014

That SCARY, scary Tooth Fairy!!!

Below is our adorable 6 year old Marly. 

She recently lost her first tooth. It had been lose for weeks. Her Twinner brother Dean had already lost two teeth. But Marly... Marly would not wiggle her tooth. She would not budge. You see - our adorable daughter is TERRIFIED of the Tooth Fairy. 

Marly and Dean always choose to sleep together in the upstairs guest room. When Dean lost his first tooth this summer, Marly cried and CRIED. She was nearly hysterical about the idea of some creature coming into her bedroom while she was asleep in the DARK!

 So while she would prefer to keep her tiny baby teeth, eventually her first tooth fell out. Not a drop of blood was shed, since it was long overdue...

....and then she CRIED because she DIDN'T WANT THE TOOTH FAIRY IN HER ROOM!
What is a mom to do?

Make signs! YES - Just give the Tooth Fairy some simple directions.
One on the bedroom door.
And another on the window facing out. We are a bit unclear how the Tooth Fairy enters, so we covered every possible entry point to the bedroom.
Dean was NOT worried about a tiny Fairy flying into their sleeping quarters.
Twinner brother was TERRIBLY CONCERNED the Tooth Fairy wouldn't find Marly's tooth, since it wasn't placed in the traditional location under a pillow.

So of course, Dean made signs to help her locate the tiny tooth.

For good measure, he drew the Fairy a picture so that she would be sure to return when he lost his next tooth.

...and so, only a FEW tears were shed at bedtime.
The Fairy did find the tooth, and she did leave five gold $1 coins.

The signs have been saved neatly for the next lost tooth.

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