Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thompson Family Christmas

Christmas Day we had the Thompson Family over for dinner at 1 pm. The plans was to serve ham balls as our main course. My Aunt Jan makes really good ham balls (okay... she actually orders them from the local cafe in Hector, BUT they use the same recipe, so they are still Jan's ham balls).

Anyway, I ordered some too, since we would be at Jan's on Christmas Eve, and I we wouldn't be home until late that night. Despite the fact that Aunt Jan reminded us to grab the ham balls from the garage fridge when we left, somehow there was confusion.

Mark thought the two pans he carried to the car (which were actually from Rachel's stuffed mushrooms) were our dinner for the next day.
 When we arrived home after 11 pm, we discovered our mistake! Opps.
 I took a  couple pounds of beef out of the freezer, and remedied the problem the next day. We made an "interesting" sauce that turned out like stroganoff. My meat balls turned out a little salty, but all in all, it worked JUST FINE.
 Besides, it is all about family anyway.
 We had a lovely Christmas Day celebration.

Declan was the star of the day (of course), even though he naturally slept through most of it!

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