Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Card Photo shoot 2013

This year we didn't get around to taking professional photos for our Christmas Card, so we had a "do it yourself" photo shoot when we made our annual trek to the tree farm.

 Marly took this photo!

I think this shot was on the front of the card.

Ya, ya, ya.... I get it... You are getting really cold with out your coats. 
Hey kiddos! Thanks for being so tough for the sake of our on-going quest to create the PERFECT Christmas Card every year!

Oh yah... the boys cut down a really beautiful Frazer Fir too! 

(This year we all quickly consented on the tree that would grace our living room in suburbia, unlike last year, when the kids had the "we can't agree on a tree" debacle with tantrums and tears.)
On our way back, we had lunch (and Bloody Mary's for mom and dad) at the Old Piper Inn in Blaine.

The Christmas Card turned out perfect too! Mark actually designed it on Minted and sent it to print THAT NIGHT, while I finished decorating the tree!

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