Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Morning at our home 2013

A quiet, cozy Christmas morning around our pretty Christmas tree (which I forgot to take a formal photo of!)

 Santa brought Dean an electric race car track!
 New shoes that Dean needed from Mom and Dad.
 Mark opening the gift Marly made him at school.
 Santa brought mom and dad and heating blanket. We LOVE it!
 Dean always loves the bows and ribbons!
Marly's favorite gift! An American Girl Doll that looks just like her from SANTA!... and OH MY! Mom and Dad had gotten Marly some new doll clothes that happened to fit her perfect!

....and then, after picking up all the debri, wrapping paper, and garbage....

 ...It was time to make meat balls (since I forgot the ham balls I ordered from Pete's Grill in Hector in Aunt Jan's fridge the night before) and get ready for dinner at our house with the Thompson family!

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