Monday, March 4, 2013

Where is Andrea

I feel little bit like "Where's Waldo" these days.
I should do myself in InstaGram (since I am a little obsessed with it).
Anyway, imagine red headed me in those books, and I will write a mental picture to go along with my image.
Three weeks ago, I helped host a 30th Birthday Party for Kelly.
Two weeks ago, I helped host a Surprise 60th Birthday Party for Chris.
This past Wednesday we went to dinner for M&D's Birthday with Mark's Family.
This past Thursday I hosted book club.
Saturday we hosted M&D's first 'friends' b-day party at Bunker Park Stables.
Yesterday, we hosted family for another B-day celebration.

Where's Andrea??

-Online at Etsy purchasing custom printable pennant banners for Chris & Rachel.
-E mailng Pat and Kelly's mother-in-law about party details.
-Booking Marly & Dean's party at Bunker Park Stables.
-Calling Pauline to assist in the cake order.
-Shopping at Michael's for decor supplies for Kelly.
-Heading to the Galeria to Tiffany's for a special gift for Kelly.
-At my printer, printing multiple copies of b-day banners.
-Making MANY tissue paper pom poms.
-Cutting and stringing banners.
-Raiding my cupboards and closets for serving pieces, decor items in fuchsia and red, candles, linens, wine, beer, and more.
-Shopping at Costco.
-Packing the car with party supplies (including a small table for the cake).
-Decorating with Mark, Marly, Dean and Pat for Kelly's party and setting up all the food and drink.
-Serving at the party.
-Shopping on Etsy for clip art for Marly & Dean's invites, decor, etc.
-Creating invitations for M&D's friend b-day party.
-Facebooking and e mailing family about M&D's family b-day party.
-Printing invites for the kids party, buying envelopes for friends, stuffing, and adding washi tape to everything.
-Calling and E mailing with the Bayview Events Center for Chris's suprise.
-Ordering cake and flowers for delivery for Chris's surprise.
-Ordering a custom sign in large size for Chris's suprise.
-Sending sign to Office Max for print, then core mounting at home.
-Printing/cutting and stringing more b-day banners for Chris.
-Shopping at Michael's for centerpiece decor needs.
-Pilfering (borrowing) vases from work for centerpieces.
-Buying flowers at Costco for centerpieces.
-Pretty-ing vases for centerpieces and more, then loading car with all the decor.
-Calling various parties and guests to fine tune details of the surprise.
-Setting up the event center decor.
-Assisting with the actual party. (drink plenty of Mimosa's)
-Packing up the supplies, etc.
-Shopping at Micheal's for decor needs for M&D's friend party.
-Shopping at Party Place for supply needs for family and friend parties.
-Putting together treat bags for M& D's friends and printing/cutting labels for everything.
-Ordering cupcakes of Saturday and a cake for Sunday.
-Shopping at Costco so that I could host book club on Thursday and shopping for our food needs for 2 parties.
-Book reservations for M&D birthday supper.
-Quick buying/wrapping small gifts for their birthday.
-Serving donuts with candles for their B-day breakfast
-Eat out with the Thompson's at Bonfire's in Blaine (have a beer or two...)
-Cleaning up the house.
-Host book club (drink lots of wine).
-E mailing and calling parents about any questions or concerns about 'friends' b-day party.
-Making Hello Kitty cupcake toppers.
-Round up plastic dino's for Dean's toppers.
-Loading car with Saturday party supplies and foods, decor, and serving pieces.
-Picking up cupcakes and cake and ice.
-Picking up a 'Jo to Go' for Caribou for any parents who stay on site at the kids party.
-Setting up food and decor for the kids party with Gretchen.
-Hosting actual party.
-I did NOT pack up ANYTHING from the kids party (Gretchen and Dan did that!!!! Isn't my bestie the bestie!!!!)
-Unloading gifts, etc. at home.
-Picking through the last three party supplies to set up for the Sunday family celebration.
-Prep food for Sunday. Go to grocery store AGAIN. (turkey, salads, etc, etc)
-Clean up and set up and do some minimal decorating for Sunday.
-Go to the store again after early church (by myself) on Sunday morning to whip up some baked beans too.
-Host party on Sunday.
-LAST NIGHT - Load the dish washer, do some clean up, eat junk food for supper, leave a mess, go to BED a little early.

It has been a wild and fun whirlwind February.

I am a smiling and  HAPPY Waldo.
I think all 4 party guests of honor/birthday boys and girls/sister/nana's ENJOYED their spotlight!

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