Monday, March 4, 2013

A 60th Surprise

For more than a few months, someone MIGHT have been planting the seed she would enjoy a SURPRISE 60th birthday, so about two months back, the planning began for the SURPRISE that occured at least two weeks back.

A wee bit late, but here is a pictorial review of the BIG EVENT!

 Rachel researched venues and secured the Bayview Events Center on Lake Minnetonka.

Tiny Print invites were ordered and mailed, e mails were sent, calls were made.

Guests were alerted.

...and the Guest of Honor was none the wiser.
Custom decor was ordered and printed from Etsy.

Flowers were arranged.

...and the Guest of Honor was none the wiser.

A menu was created.

Buttercream cake was choosen.

...and the Guest of Honor was none the wiser.

A fake ploy to lure Chris to the party was created.

...and the Guest of Honor was none the wiser.

The guests arrived.

They waited in anticipation.

...and the Guest of Honor was none the wiser.
Naturally, this was a CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH.

....because the Guest of Honor is WISE and she loves Champagne.

....because the party planners (Rachel and Me on behalf of my Dad) are NOT as WISE as the Guest of Honor, but the party planners were smart enough to know this was a Surprise Birthday MUST!

 There was an omelet station, a brunch buffet, mimosas, and bloody mary's.
 There were toasts and words of love, gratitude and affection for the Guest of Honor.
 There was the Guest of Honor's only brother Bob, from Chicago.

  There was the  Guest of Honor's sons - Kevin and Eric.
 There was emotion.
There were candles to blow out.
 There were so many special people.

There were grand little people and a pregnant Rachel.

 We love you and hope you had a wonderful SURPRISE Birthday!

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