Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Here is what my snowy Monday has looked like, by Instagram.

I started the morning brewing decaf coffee.
I woke Dean by turning on the lights and snapping this photo with flash. He proceeded to turn into a COMPLETE BEAR, and he had every right to. It was a MEAN mommy moment for sure. This is the first day back to school after a week of spring break.
I proceeded on to Marly. She was in our bed because she had a bad dream in the middle of the night. She scurried under the duvet. I coaxed her out and got this.
I really put ALL this stuff on my face in the morning. Cleanse, tone, vitamin C serum, day cream with SPF, primer, concealer, minerial powder foundation. Later I put on blush and eye make up.
I eat one egg almost every single morning. I usually have a slice of bacon, and fruit or vegetables too. This morning I nibbled on some snap peas. I grabbed an apple for a mid-morning snack. The kids had kefir. Dean requested an egg and bacon, but then he never ate it.
 Pulling out of the drive.
 At the bus stop.
Just a  few minutes later, I get on 610, cross the river, get off 610 at the next exit, and head to the office.
Hanging with my co-worker Kenna at the Keurig. This go-round was caffinated.

Our Foundation offices are in an administrative building across the street from the Unity Hospital ED.
Many days I hop over to the cafeteria to grab lunch. Most of the time I get a salad with mixed greens, various vegetables, a few cubes of turkey breast, a tablespoon of sunflower seeds, vinegar, and a smidge of olive oil. Today I opted for my other 'go-to'. A chicken breast with sauteed mushrooms and the vegetable of the day.
Around 5 pm I head home, passing the hospital.
 Then heading back across the river.
After a bite to eat, I crossed over the mighty Mississippi again to take Marly to dance in Fridley. All in all I crossed the river 4 times before bed.

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