Thursday, March 7, 2013

6 years old

On Wednesday 2-27-2013 the Twinners turned 6.
The day started with breakfast donuts with candles, and pictures.
Then is was off to the bus stop like usual.
  • At 6 the Twinners' sleep in the upstairs guest bedroom in a queen bed together, because they prefer it over their seperate rooms downstairs.
  • At 6 Marly still has her yellow and green crocheted blankets from Toots.
  • The blankets are not fairing well.
  • At 6 Dean still loves Oscar.
  • There are TWO Oscars now. Fat Oscar and Flat Oscar (the original Oscar lost, then found in the woods at the H-- House!)
  • At 6, mom or dad drop you off and pick you up from the bus stop each day.
  • At 6, Dean takes karate in Champlin and Marly takes dance in Fridley.
  • At 6, you play very well together, and often do your own thing when at home together.
  • At 6, Marly sometimes likes to play alone in her bedroom, coloring or etc. with the door closed.
  • At 6, Dean's pirate ships seem to be his most played with toys.
  • At 6, Marly's favorite doll is Emma.
  • At 6, they go to Kindergarten all day, every day with Mrs. Loveridge.
  • At 6, Marly gets a little extra help with reading.
  • At 6, Dean whines a bit more then Marly.
  • At 6, the other mothers who volunteer tell me Marly and Dean are very good kids.
  • At 6, Marly is particular about her closes. She prefers to "blend in". She doesn't like anything that will set her apart in a crowd, is too bright, too dark, too ruffley, or too sparkly.
  • At 6, Marly RARELY lets me put pony tails or braids in her hair,  but I do curl it each morning.
  • At 6, Dean needs his hair cut regularly to stay styl'n! (most often at a Great Clips these days.
  • At 6, Marly keeps her hair LONG, because she thinks no one will recognize her if it is cut.

  • At 6, Marly is more shy then Dean.
  • At 6, Dean generally dislikes Sunday school.
  • At 6, they both like your usual kid foods, like mac' n cheese and McDonald's Happy Meals.
  • At 6, Dean  likes blue and green, dinosaurs and Angry Birds on the Ipad.
  • At 6, Marly likes pink and purple and LOVES Hello Kitty.
  • At 6, Marly already requests flowers for her Birthday.
  • At 6, Dean is VERY competitive, and loves to play board games.
  • At 6, Dean may throw a tantrum if he loses. Marly couldn't care less.
After School, we joined up with the Thompson Family for dinner at Bonfire's in Blaine. Dean ordered the chicken kids meal and Marly ordered the cheese burger meal. Marly ALWAYS orders the cheeseburger. The kids had chocolate milk. They always have chocolate milk at restuarants.


Here you are the day AFTER your birthday for your 6 year well child visit with Dr. Whitehill. Yes, Dean is still at LEAST two inches taller then Ms. Marly. Marly had a wart froze off her foot during the visit. Dean REFUSED to have his wart frozen, became very upset, and cried a lot. Marly tried to console her brother, who was MOST upset after the Dr. left and he realized he didnot do something Marly did. Marly had issues with her hearing, but most likely this is only because she was at the clinic for an ear infection on Monday. The Twinners are generally healthy kids.
Happy Birthday Marly and Dean!

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