Monday, October 29, 2012

Fall Fun at the Westwood Nature Center

While I was in beautiful, sunny California with three gal pals over MEA weekend, the kids attended their first Halloween Party of the season. 

As the gals and I sipped wine at vineyards along winding country roads in Sonoma County dressed in a summer maxi dress and Target sandals, the Twinners were home in suburban Minnesota adding layers beneath their pirate costumes to attend the Westwood Hill Nature Center Fall Festival with Nana and Papa.
Contrary to some opinions, Marly is NOT a wench... She is a female pirate.
 I REALLY enjoy creating the kids Halloween costumes, rather then shopping off the rack. I know I have mentioned before my mom spent weeks sewing us elaborate costumes, and made whatever we choose. I do not sew full costumes, but create something unique and nice every year. This year the kids both choose to be pirates. Their ensembles are courtesy of two Etsy sellers, Goodwill, Party City, and some sewing supplies from JoAnne.

Charlie is wearing the monkey costume my mom made for Brett and I when we were little. I think it made all of us VERY HAPPY to see little man Chartlie in Grandma Marly's creation that is 35 or more years old. What wonderful memories...
 Off they went by school bus to the nature center Halloween Walk. Of course they got their faces painted. This is Marly and Dean's third year attending the event and Charlie's first.
I will be making some minor revisions (such as a red pirate head scarf) to Marly's costume before Wednesday. We don't want anyone mistaking our 5 year old for a slut while trick or treating or at the school party!!!

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