Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween from the Thomberg's

Although you can't tell by these three "kitchen" kids photos... we had a GREAT Halloween.

The festivities began at 2:30 pm when I volunteered at the kids Fall Party at school (just like my mom use to be a 'room mother' for our 'Halloween Party'). After, we headed home to add layers under the Twinner's  pirate attire.

Before we set off to the next destination, Mark snapped a few photos. I wanted photos by our front entry with the pumpkins and festive outdoor decor. Our little bush out front even has skeleton and ghosts lights on it, but all we have are BORING kitchen photos almost exactly like the ones from two weeks before. Unfortunately, family photographer Mark wasn't feeling well at all, so this is all we have. Epic Fail here on my part folks!
Anyway, we headed to the Peace Lutheran "Trunk or Treat" where the pirates hopped from car to car collecting candy, stopping to eat a hotdog and bag of potato chips mid-way through.

At about 6 pm, the pirates and witch mommy Andrea cruised home. (Mark stayed back to rest.) We met up with a few neighbors, and the kids ran from house to house on Riverview Lane, powered by SUGAR! Mark came out for a bit, but slipped back home before we finished on the street. It is a busy and stressful time at work for him, and it is taking its toll.

We were wrapped up around 7:30 pm. True to form, Marly sought out her jammies as soon as she walked in the front door. Sometimes she is in her PJ's before supper time. The girl likes her sleepwear!

Honestly, I think I should FIRE myself from my blog. The photography on this site SUCKS! I don't have any photos of my outdoor entry. We carved our pumpkins on Tuesday. I have no photos of that either. All I have is this Blackberry phone photo of the 'scary cat pumpkin' on Halloween afternoon, AFTER a critter ATE the 'scary cat' right out of the center, turning it into a 'fence with a big hole in it' pumpkin. Marly requested the 'scary cat' pumpkin. Mark carved Dean a 'skull and crossbones' pumpkin. No photo (of course).

While we were out tick or treating, we left a bowl of candy on our bench with signs directing kids to take a treat. I didn't take any cute photos of that. It was a little less then have full when we returned. No greedy HobGobblin's on Riverview Lane!

What the Twinner's wore:
Dean and Marly's pirate sash, Dean's hat, Dean's vest - KiddieWink Designs on Etsy
Marly's Peasant Shirt - Stage and Thyme Design on Etsy
Marly's gold coin necklace - Party City
Dean's swishy pants, Dean's white shirt, Marly's polka dotted skirt and Marly's black velvet leggings - GoodWill
Marly's headscarf - crafted from supplies from JoAnne Fabrics

What I wore (No pictured!!!) -
kid size witch hat and funky black cat-eye rhinestone glasses - Party City
cute tan ruffle collar wool coat - Old Navy
orange jersey knit scarf - Gap Outlet two years ago.

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