Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Our Less Commercial Fall

This year we missed the Renaissance Festival. Things just didn't line up for our day out with Papa and Nana. We also haven't made it to the Apple Orchard.

Actually, I was desperate to go to the Orchard last Sunday. The sun was shining and it was warm enough... but Mark appealed to our budget, and our earnest need for some true "down time" at home (something I am NOT so good at. I am GOOD at the run around). I am headed to California this week to visit a dear girl friend and Mark reflected on my upcoming personal use of our entertainment dollars. Instead, we did a little work in the yard and headed across the street to the river.

Did the kids want to go the apple orchard? Sure, but they wanted to go to the river just as much! It is me who LOVES the orchards suburbanites flock to in October. I love the wagon ride through the trees. I love the baked apple treats in the barn. I love Honeycrisp apples! I love watching the kids.  I know the years the kids will enjoy the orchard are limited. I must confess, I LOVE those photo oops in fall fleeces or sweaters with the bright, shiny apples on trees in the background. They are all over Facebook during Fall. Cute kids in cute outfits by pumpkins, or in a pile of straw with the orchard beyond.

So Sunday Mark grabbed his camera and we headed across the street and for a less commercia,l alternative fall photo opportunity.

 Back at the house, I FORCED the kids to put on their matching Land's End vests!

 The Coon Rapids dam is set so the water is low. We walked across to the island.
Marly enjoys collecting more shells on every visit.
Dean always finds some treasure or another to bring back with him. Antlers, fox skulls or something of the sort, sticks, old fishing poles. He checks every bottle he finds for a message.
There are roots and trees to climb.
No shiny apples, but happy kids on a happy, sunny fall Sunday.

We returned home to a crock pot of pork chops in apple sauce.

**Don't worry about the kids missing out, Kelly took the kids to a pumpkin patch the weekend before, and they are going to a Fall Halloween Walk this Saturday with Papa and Nana. I have their costumes already layed out since I won't be home to advise!**

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